Friendships for Life, Not Just for Christmas.


Martin Knebel

†August 11, 2023

My parents became involved in  Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm when it first started over ten years ago. At that time, my mother, Mary Knebel, had been diagnosed with dementia and she and my father, Martin Knebel, began to attend several of the group activities that were being organized. It was especially after my mother passed away, that it was evident that the groups were having such a positive and uplifting effect on my father’s happiness and wellbeing. He particularly enjoyed the Walking Group and Reading Group. These groups provided not only physical and mental benefits but also the emotional benefits of nourishing friendships. Martin looked forward immensely to these activities. They provided structure to his week as well as sociability. Martin loved people and loved the opportunity to share anecdotes, stories, poems, and jokes with others. Thank you so much to everyone who participated and/or organized these events. My father’s latter years were enriched and gladdened by them Gillian Knebel.