Welcome to Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm

Celebrating ten years of support

Five rural Devon communities making a big difference to people living with dementia and their families – enabling them to remain active and involved in community life.

“This project makes me feel a part of something. It gives me the support of people who understand the situation along with laughter and a sense of camaraderie.


“Everywhere in the country should have a service like this exemplary one. This is what our elderly citizens deserve. They have given to us and we should give this type of care back to them.”


“This project was a lifeline for my mum and me. It enabled her to continue socialising in her community and enjoying the things she loved with people who greatly supported and cared for her.”


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Thursday 18th January at 2.30pm

Friendships for Life, Not Just for Christmas.

†August 11, 2023