Yealm Artists 4 Dementia

Fundraising online art exhibition and sale of work


Even though I loved art more than any other subjects I couldn’t wait to leave school. I saw higher education as being more of the same, and coming from a family where this didn’t happen I wasn’t corrected or encouraged to follow it up. Over the years I would do sketches which were then tucked away. In the last year of my dad’s life (he had Parkinson) I would visit every 5 or 6 weeks to learn painting from him, thereby helping him keep his interests alive albeit through me. This opportunity opened me up to painting and after meeting a member of the Eddystone Art Group in an art shop, and asking questions about some acrylic materials she invited me joined the group. This has been a pivotal turning point in my art development. My painting was inspired by watching a romantic film with my wife and seeing an awesome sunset.

Works to be exhibited online with 100% proceeds from sale donated to DFPY charity