Time for Dementia

Improving future healthcare

Could you help healthcare professionals of tomorrow learn about dementia?

Join Time for Dementia – an innovative,award winning training programme, designed to educate undergraduate healthcare professionals to improve their knowledge, attitude and empathy towards people with dementia and their carers.

How does it work?

Two or three students from a participating university will be paired with a family affected by dementia and will arrange to visit them at home up to three times per year Alternatively, families not near a participating university can take part virtually, meeting a group of students on a facilitated video call

The visits are a unique learning opportunity for the students but also a great chance for a family affected by dementia to share their experiences of living with the condition.

Heather and Chris

“A wonderful opportunity for us, the experts living with dementia to link in and share our lived experiences with future healthcare professionals to aid their learning. Dementia doesn’t just impact the person receiving the diagnosis but also family and friends.”

BSMS Medical students

“It was great we followed the same family for 2 years, visiting them in their own home where they opened up to us and we saw how dementia affects them in the community rather than learning from a text book.”

Shirley and Bert

“Being a retired nurse, Shirley wanted to give back to the profession and we wanted to break down the stigma about dementia in the black minority ethnic community.”

Tom and Pauline

“It doesn’t just help the students to learn but it helps you too. You can teach them something they can’t learn from a text book.”

The benefits of taking part in the programme are:

  • Sharing your own experiences and helping contribute towards a better future for people with dementia
  • Helping train healthcare students who will graduate in a few years time and be out working in your community
  • An optional offer to help steer and shape the programme or raise awareness of the programme through talks and media work
  • Meeting new people, being part of a network of hundreds of families affected by dementia and hearing about new opportunities

UK Health Radio Awards
Dementia Support Provider of the Year 2022