Hydration and Dementia

Its important for us all to stay hydrated in this incredibly hot weather

Effects of Dehydration

  • Person may become more confused
  • Increase the risk of falls
  • Makes urine more concentrated which can make people incontinent
  • Can make medication less effective
  • Can cause fatigue, mood changes, muscle cramps, dizziness and constipation

Tips for encouraging good hydration

  • Ensure there is always a drink within reach
  • Offer a range of different types of drinks
  • Use a favourite cup/mug
  • Describe the drink
  • Have a drink with the person
  • Offer juicy fruits such as melon, oranges, peaches or pineapple
  • Offer Iced lollies
  • Avoid alcohol, there are many zero alcohol options available
  • Mime taking a drink