Yealm Artists 4 Dementia

Fundraising online art exhibition and sale of work

Roy Fairclough

Roy is a founding member of the Eddystone Artists Group and discovered his passion for painting ten years ago. Nearing retirement towards the end of his career as a civil engineer, he attended a local art exhibition where he found artistic inspiration. Having enjoyed art at school, Roy decided to dust off his paint brushes and easel. After a foray with a series of art lessons – a birthday present from his wife – several of the artists established the Eddystone Artists Group. A relaxed informal group of mix-level artists who meet weekly to share ideas, offer encouragement, and drink a cup of coffee or two – with a little painting in between!

Inspired by Turneresque work, Roy enjoys replicating stunning sunsets, striking seascapes and dazzlingly cloud-swept skies in acrylics on canvas. As a keen photographer, he captures his ideas first on camera. His work often showcases vistas taken from his home on the Devon coast, which he adapts into abstract blazes of bold colour and powerful panoramas.

Works to be exhibited online with 80% proceeds from sale donated to DFPY charity