Yealm Artists 4 Dementia

Fundraising online art exhibition and sale of work

Mary Norton

“I looked for art classes and started to paint as a way of preparing for retirement. `I found it immensely relaxing and enjoyable – in contrast to my daytime work as a chartered accountant. I don’t paint much at home, preferring to work away quietly in a group setting at least once a week. Landscapes are a favourite subject and although I enjoy painting in oils my preferred medium is watercolour. There’s a surprise element to it and I’m never quite sure how things will work out as one colour blends into another. Until I moved to Devon some 25 years ago, I hadn’t painted since schooldays. I enjoyed art lessons then and it’s no surprise that I still do so now.” Mary belongs to the Yealm Arts Society and has exhibited with them over the years.

Works to be exhibited online with 100% of each sale to DFPY charity